Work More Effectively With Your Athletes

Make Mental Skills Training Accountable
Improve Adherence to Common Interventions
Structure Routines for Each Athlete

computer Management Dashboard

  • Manage athletes by setting up groups like “Academy”, “First Team” or “Forwards”.
  • Create and share surveys, daily journal questionnaires and mental training sessions.
  • Everything you share is immediately available to your selected athletes in the app. You retain full control over what interventions each athlete uses.
  • Send updates and reminders to athletes on their phones to stay in touch between face to face meetings.
  • Review adherence to interventions in each athlete’s profile page.

smartphone Athlete App

  • Each athlete gets access to their own app account where they can complete any agreed interventions.
  • Interventions include Goal Setting, Mindfulness, PMR, Imagery and Breathing sessions, plus Journalling and Surveys.
  • Athletes can also record their own imagery sessions, complete surveys you have shared and reach out to you privately and securely to you if or when needed.

Learn the platform in under 10 minutes

Video 1
Goals, Imagery and Journaling

Three of the main features in the athlete app are Goals, Sessions and Journaling. In this 3 minute tutorial, we give a short intro into how each feature works and how you can access the outputs in the interventions dashboard.

Video 2
Messaging Athletes and Groups

Putting your athletes into groups lets you communicate with them and share content like mindfulness, daily journal questions and surveys easily, all while keeping your IP and their responses securely stored.

Video 3
Creating and Sharing Surveys

Surveys are created once and can be shared repeatedly with groups or individuals. Onboarding new athletes or gathering weekly training feedback can now be done with just one click and athletes are automatically notified.

Work More Effectively With Your Athletes

To get started, create your free account and follow the simple instructions to create an athlete group and add your first athletes. You can also download the app to get familiar with it yourself.

Please sign up for Mindset on your desktop or tablet for the best experience.