Athlete Mental Skills Training Software

Manage Common Sport Psychology Interventions like Imagery, Goal Setting and Journalling both individually or at scale with your athletes.

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A New Way to Work With Athletes

Increase adherence to interventions
Track daily progress
Have more time for each athlete
Remote, reliable and secure
    Goal Setting

    Create daily, weekly and season goals with your athletes. Review their progress as they check in each day.


    Record personalised imagery sessions for each athlete. Play them back as often as needed.

    Mindfulness, Breathing & PMR

    Upload Mindfulness, Breathing, PMR and other sessions. Share (and unshare) them securely while retaining control over your IP.


    Create bespoke templates for your athletes to complete each day or let them journal their thoughts freely. Get an automated analysis of journal sentiment to help identify trends over time.


    Create and share surveys with your athletes. Each athlete is immediately notified that their response is needed, no matter where they are.

    Reminder Notifications

    Improve adherence to all the above interventions with automated daily reminder notifications and the ability to send individual or group notifications to all your athletes.

Feedback from our launch

John Couture

“This app looks terrific. I have had experience with self-help apps over the years, but this looks like it is more than just introducing the info. It looks like it records progress, goals, and helps with action points.“

Siobhan Dee

“I think this looks fantastic. I especially love how individualised it is, I can see how this would be amazing in any type of coaching setting - not just athletes. It's really immersive yet the coach is crucial to the success too. Importantly everything counts here, all in-app activity counts which I love.“

James Mastrich

“I would seriously consider it in working with teams for this very reason: accountability.“

Sam Cummings

“The app looks really interesting and is a great development.“

Jake Kluver

“Checked out the video and I can confidently I would use it in the near future with my athletes, specifically because of the customizability of the app, the options to program in journal prompts, goals, and the ability to check in-on athlete progress. I think this is a fantastic concept and would solve a lot of the problems of simple pen + paper assignments.“

Nicole Smith

“I think it looks great and would provide lots of benefit for my client group (I work particularly with youth athletes at the minute). The layout and features seem simple to use and I really love how as the practitioner we have access to their own profiles and the work they are completing. As a big user of “training diaries“ the journal section of the app would be real key feature for me.“

Work More Effectively With Your Athletes

To get started, create your free account and follow the simple instructions to create an athlete group and add your first athletes. You can also download the app to get familiar with it yourself.

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